La Maestranza
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Ticket prices Seville Bullring 2022:

2022 prices to be confirmed.

Bullfighting and Rejones Bullfighting Prices 2020:

SOMBRABullfights. April 12th, from April 22th to May 3rd. September 26th and 27thBullfight April 19th"NOVILLOS"
Sombra Alta84,60€78,0041,00€
Tendidos Fila 8-14122,00€111,00€56,00€
tendido Fila 2-7124,20€113,20€57,00€
Sillón de Tendido170,40€155,00€65,00€
Barrera Fila 3180,30€163,80€70,00€
Barrera Fila 2188,00€170,40€76,00€
Barrera Fila 1203,40€184,70€82,00€
Sombra Alta79,1072,50€39,00€
Tendidos Fila 8-14108,80€98,90€51,00€
Tendido Fila 2-7111,00€111,10€53,00€
Barrera Fila 3167,70€147,30€60,00€
Barrera Fila 2169,30€153,90€65,00€
Barrera Fila 1179,20€162,70€70,00€
Sol Alto42,80€38,40€25,00€
Tendidos Fila 8-1453,80€49,40€27,00€
Tendidos Fila 2-760,40€56,00€30,00€
Barrera Fila 373,60€68,10€45,00€
Barrera Fila 280,20€73,60€49,00€
Barrera Fila 198,90€89,00€53,00€

**The prices include Tax, delivery address and service fees Servitoro12 €/ Ticket

SCHEDULE OF Bullfighting EVENTS 2022. "LA MAESTRANZA" bullring.

Seville is guided by brotherhood calendars that indicate the time remaining until next Palm Sunday. Bullfighting programming is related to the devotion and the cultural and social agenda that Seville moves. "La Maestranza" begins its season at Easter and ends with a bullfight on Hispanic Day.

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