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Bullfight tickets Sevilla 2020. Bullring Sevilla. La Maestranza

Sevilla Bullring, La Maestranza. 2020 'The April Fair'

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Bullfighting in Seville Season 2020

Sunday, April 12. Bulls of Garcigrande. Bullfighters: Morante, Talavante and Roca Rey.

Sunday, April 19. Bulls of La Palmosilla. Bullfighters: López Simón, David de Miranda, and Ángel Jiménez.


Wednesday, April 22. Bulls of Fuente de Ymbro. Bullfighters: Juan Ortega, Juan Leal and Rafa Serna.

Thursday, April 23. Bulls of Jandilla. Bullfighters: Morante, Cayetano and Pablo Aguado.

Friday, April 24. Bulls of Garcigrande. Bullfighters: Ferrera, El Juli and Manzanares.

Saturday, April 25. Bulls Victorino Martín. Bullfighters: Curro Díaz, Emilio de Justo and Román.

Sunday, April 26. "Rejones". Bulls of San Pelayo. Bullfighters: Andrés Romero, Lea Vicens and Guillermo Hermoso.

Monday, April 27. Bulls of Victoriano del Rio. Bullfighters: El Juli, Talavante and Roca Rey.

Tuesday, April 28. Bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq. Bullfighters: Enrique Ponce, Morante de la Puebla and Pablo Aguado.

Wednesday, April 29. Bulls of Santiago Domecq. Bullfighters: Antonio Ferrera, Diego Urdiales and Miguel Ángel Perera.

Thursday, April 30. Bulls of Nuñez del Cuvillo. Bullfighters: Perera, Talavante and Pablo Aguado.

Friday, May 1. Bulls of Hnos. García Jiménez. Bullfighters: El Fandi, Daniel Luque and Ginés Marín.

Saturday, May 2. Bulls of Nuñez del Cuvillo. Bullfighters: Sebastián Castella, Manzanares and Roca Rey.

Sunday, May 3. Bulls of Miura. Bullfighters: Manuel Escribano, Pepe Moral and Rubén Pinar.

Sunday, May 20. Bulls of Rocío de la Cámara. Bullfighters: Rafael González, Tomás Rufo and Manolo Vázquez.

Sunday, May 17. Bulls of Núñez de Tarifa. Bullfighters: Emilio Silvera, Antonio Grande and Alejandro Mora.

Sunday, May 24. Bulls of Villamarta. Bullfighters: Javier Orozco, Diego San Román and El Rafi.

Thursday, June 11. Corpus. Bulls of Fuente Ymbro. Bullfighters: Curro Durán, Calerito and González Écija.

Thursday, June 18. Bulls of Fernando Sampedro. Bullfighters: Manuel Diosleguarde, Villita and Arturo Gilio.

Thursday, June 25. Bulls of Dolores Rufino. Bullfighters: Jesús Álvarez, Montero and Juan Pedro Llaguno.

Friday, September 25. Hand to hand young bullfigters.

Saturday, September 26. Bulls of Victoriano del Río. Bullfighters: Enrique Ponce, Manzanares and Roca Rey.

Sunday, September 27. Bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq. Bullfighters: Morante, Diego Urdiales and Pablo Aguado.

Opening times Seville

April fair in Seville

"La maestranza" season 2020

Easter Sunday it is the first bullfighting event of the season in Seville

Morante de la Puebla, Alejandro Talavante and Roca Rey will be the first bullfighters of the Seville season 2020. It will be on April 12, Easter Sunday, with a bulls of Garcigrande-Domingo Hernández. The first appointment at the Maestranza in Seville could not be more attractive: with the art of the bullfighter from La Puebla, the return of Talavante to the bullrings and the Peruvian hurricane Roca Rey.

The season will continue with theApril Fair.

April Fair posters

The April 2020 Fair has a main protagonist, the Sevillian Pablo Aguado who will perform three times after his triumph in the 2019 season. Morante de la Puebla, El Juli, Miguel Ángel Perera, José María Manzanares, Alejandro Talavante and Andrés Roca Rey will appear two times. From April 19 to May 3 we can enjoy the best bullfighters. The classic closing with the Miura bulls with the bullfighters Manuel Escribano, Rubén Pinar and Pepe Moral, or the grays bulls of Victorino Martín, will not be missing at the most important Fair in Andalusia. Maestranza-Pagés has also opted for emerging young bullfighters and Juan Leal, Juan Ortega and David de Miranda will make their presentation in Seville.

"Novillos" in May and June

62 young bullfighters have presented their profiles to fight in the "novillos" show, which will take place on Sundays afternoon in May and Thursdays in June at night, of which 18 have been chosen to compete in the contest.

San Miguel Fair

The bullfighting stars return to the Maestranza the last weekend of September to celebrate San Miguel, with two bullfights on the 26th and 27th where Enrique Ponce, Morante or Pablo Aguado return and a "novillos" show on the 25th with the two winners of the contest of "Fundación Toro de Lidia".