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sevilla guide Your complete guide to the best things to do in Seville. Best Places to Visit and What to Do

There's a song that states, "Seville has a special color" ("Sevilla tiene un color especial"), but the reality is that Seville has everything: people, food, partying. Call it "the desire for enjoyment" that makes it unique.




The April Fair

The Feria de Abril is a wonderful time to experience what many consider a typical Andalucian tradition: sherry, Sevillanas, bulls, flamenco dress and horses. The Feria takes place on the Remedios side of the river and breathes life into the area. The Feria is not for everyone, and deciding on whether to attend during the night (party time!) or day (horse and children time!) can significantly change your opinion of the event. Daytime is for seeing horses and the traditional dress worn by Feria goers. Nighttime is for drinking and dancing "Sevillanas" until the sun comes up! It may seem that every Sevillano is born with the ability to dance Sevillanas

The Feria de Abril officially opens when the "Puerta" is illuminated (El Alumbrao). Fried fish has become a traditional meal on this night. Wasting no time, people enter it just after midnight, when the festivities begin. On the following Sunday, the Feria closes at midnight with fireworks. 

Tapas in Seville

Whatever your budget,  the serving of tapas is so widespread that the only problem is choice of venue:

Taberna Coloniales:
Plaza Cristo de Burgos 19. This is one of the must-see-bars in Seville. Tapas are tasty and cheap. Get early and put your name on the chalkboard.

La Flor de Toranzo (Casa Trifón) c/ Jimios 1-3. The owner, Rogelio Gomez, defines the tapa as "The dish that  accompanied by good friends and chatting a while". Serving good ham and other tapas, the place is absolutely packed at night with locals. Wonderful if you can find a spot. Don't miss trying anchovy with condensed milk.

Casa Moreno C/Gamazo 7. This tavern offers you an authentic  eating experience. From the outside it looks like a traditional Spanish shop, but at the back there's a tiny bar where you can sit with the locals. It's a true local's place, worth a visit!

Bar Taquilla. c/ Adriano 24. Situated across from the bullring, witch could not be otherwise. The reasonably price food here is refined and home made.

Bodeguita Casablanca. Adolfo Rodríguez Jurado12. You need to try this place packed with locals because the food and location are excellent. Wonderful tapas menú: "tortilla al whisky" dressed, seasoned potatoes (patatas aliñás), and fried anemones (ortiguillas).

Maquila Bar: they are defined as "brewpub" (nanofabriku's beer + tavern) of beer are. A site for a good craft beer. It has a décor of classic and modern with a list from pecking to accompany their delicious beers. Do not hesitate to ask for advice to choose beer to take. Street Delgado, 4, 41002 Sevilla.

Bus stop: Plaza del Duque or Amor de Dios. La Brunilda Tapas: a perfect place to go for "tapas" with friends. It has an assortment of varied tapas, original, and all of them are exquisite. Street Galera 5 (El Arenal), 4100 Seville. Bus stop: Zaragoza.

Eslava: one of the most famous tapas bars in Seville. Frequented by locals and visitors alike. It has an extensive variety of tapas and an extensive variety of wine. Do not stop taking cover ribs with honey. Street Eslava, 3, 41002 Sevilla. Bus stop: Amor de Dios.

Milonguitas: for lovers of burgers, nothing better that go to this Sevillian restaurant. Account with a wonderful terrace where you can taste its exquisite menu in a pleasant, quiet atmosphere. Calle Tomás de Ibarra, 2, 41001 Sevilla. Bus stop: Archivo de Indias.

For a sweet tooth

Convent of San Leandro: San Ildefonso Square 1. Located at the end of San Esteban Street. The "yolks of San Leandro" (Yemas de San Leandro) is a very famous Sevillian pastry dating from Fifteenth Century and whose recipe has not changed since them (It consists of egg yolks and syrup, plus a secret ingredient that makes it different from all others pastries) The simplicity of the wrapping contrast with the pastry's exquisite taste. Exclusively sold at the convent every day from 9h to 13h and 16h to 19h.


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