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Bullfight tickets Sevilla 2018 . Bullring Sevilla. La Maestranza

Sevilla Bullring, La Maestranza. 2018 'The April Fair'

Bullfight Tickets Sevilla

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Bullfighting in Seville Season 2018

Pending confirmation. Apply early for your tickets of the Seville 2018 Fair, make sure you get the best seat. Tickets information

April fair in Seville

It’s the most important fair with the biggest economic impact of Andalusia. It had its origins in the mid-nineteenth century when it an agricultural and livestock fair was celebrated, and it was incorporating taverns, kiosks and exhibitions as it was growing. The party around took a leading role until it became the main reason for the celebration.

It starts one or two weeks after Easter and begins with the ‘alumbrao’, which is the switched on of the great cover that has the ‘Real de la Feria’ adorned with thousands of light bulbs. Currently the fairground is located in the neighborhood of Los Remedios and it has more than a thousand ‘casetas’ (booths). Everything is decorated with light bulbs covered with paper, called ‘farolillos’ (lanterns), flowers and the ground is albero (typical yellow sand of the bullrings). The streets have names of famous bullfighters and there are public, free access, or private ‘casetas’, which are the majority and where you can only be access with an invitation or with a partner. Inside you can eat and drink; it’s typical the "pescaíto" fried, the ‘rebujito’ or churros with chocolate. They also have ‘tablao’ and innumerable groups of music to dance ‘sevillanas’, ‘flamenco’ or ‘rumbas’ until late...

People come with their best clothes: women dressed as ‘flamencas’ and men in ‘corto’ (typical clothes) or with a suit and tie. And they go to all events in that way, so the atmosphere in the bullring of La Maestranza, which hosts the bullfighting fair, is the most elegant. By the fairground you can only drive in a horse carriage, so the print of those days is magical and unmatched.

In 2017 is dedicated to the Expo of 1992 when it reaches the 25th Anniversary.


2018 Bullfighting Season. Program of bullfights at La Maestranza Bullring

Seville is guided by the calendars of the Passion Week Brotherhoods, which mark the time that remains until next Palm Sunday. The bullfighting program is tied to the devotion and the cultural and social diary that moves Seville. The Maestranza begins its season in Easter and ends with a bullfight on Hispanic Heritage Day.

  • Resurrection Sunday: traditional bullfight that marks the closing of Sevilla’s Passion Week and the beginning of the bullfighting season in La Maestranza. Sunday 1 April 2018. Bookings tickets for Easter Sunday.

  • April Fair: this year begins on April 11 and ends 22; the week of ‘Farolillos’ will be from April 16 to 22, 2018. It is the most important bullfighting fair in Andalusia. Request season tickets, packages of tickets or single tickets. Most days the bullring is full and it is advisable to make pre-bookings. Bookings for April Fair.

  • Steers bullfights of season ticket
    - May: Sundays.
    - June: Thursdays.

  • San Miguel Fair: 2 festivities, 2 bullfights with the best bullfighters, book in advance for 22 and 23 September, the bullring is filled up. Bookings for San Miguel.

  • October 12: is the festivity of the Virgen del Pilar, Patroness of Spain. With this celebration the bullfight season ends in La Maestranza.

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