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Bullfighting in Seville Season 2014

Here is the complete program of bullfighting events.

Sunday, April 20 (18:00). Bulls from Miura. Featuring Manuel Escribano and Daniel Luque Hand to hand (the two matadors alternate competing ).
Sunday, April 27 (18:30). Young bulls from García Jiménez Brothers – Mrs Olga Jiménez. Featuring Gonzalo Caballero, Lama de Góngora, José Ruiz Muñoz.
Thursday, May 1 (18:30). Bulls from Montalvo. Featuring Antonio Nazaré, Juan del Álamo, Diego Silveti. Friday, May 2. (18:30). Bulls from Fuente de Ymbro. Featuring Castaño, Paco Ureña, Esaú Fernandez.
Saturday, May 3 (18:30). Bulls from Juan Pedro Domecq-Parladé. Featuring Enrique Ponce, El Cid, Javier Jiménez (Alternativa).
Sunday, May 4 (18:30). “Rejones” (equestrian bullfighting). Bulls From Fermín Bohorquez. Featuring Andy Cartagena, Diego Ventura, Andrés Romero (Alternativa).
Monday, May 5 (18:30). Bulls from Jandilla - Vegahermosa. Featuring Sebastián Castella, Iván Fandiño, Manuel Escribano.
Tuesday, May 6 (18:30). Bulls from Daniel Ruiz. Featuring Antonio Nazaré, Joselito Adame and David Galván.
Wednesday, May 7 (18:30). Bulls from Garcigrande- D. Domingo Hernández. Featuring El Cid, Daniel Luque, Arturo Saldivar.
Thursday, May 8 (18:30). Bulls from Del Pilar– D. Moisés Fraile. Featuring Miguel Abellan, David Mora, Manuel Escribano.
Friday, May 9 (18:30). Bulls from Victoriano del Río - Toros Cortés. Featuring Enrique Ponce, Sebastián Castella and Joselito Adame.
Saturday, May 10 (18:30). Bulls from Torrestrella. Featuring El Cordobés, Juan José Padilla and El Fandi.
Sunday, May 11 (Morning). Toros from San Pelayo- Dña Carmen. Featuring Rui Fernandes, Ventura and Valdenebro.
Sunday, May 11 (18:30). Bulls from Victorino Martín. Featuring El Cid, Antonio Ferrera, Ivan Fandiño.
Sunday, May 18 (18:30). Young Bulls from D. Cayetano Muñoz. Featuring Juan Ortega, Posada de Maravillas, Lama de Góngora.
Sunday, May 25 (18:30). Young Bulls from Villamarta. featuring Fernando Rey, Miguel Ángel León, el Manriqueño.
Sunday, June 01 (18:30). Young Bulls from Fuente de Ymbro. Featuring Fernando Beltrán, Borja Jiménez, José Garrido.
Sunday, June 15 (18:30). Young Bulls from Javier Molina. Featuring Mario Diéguez, Tomás Campos, Juan Pablo Llaguno.
Thursday, June 19 (Corpus 18:30). Bulls from  Montealto. Featuring Agustín de Espartinas, Antonio Nazaré, Pepe Moral.
Sunday, June 22 (18:30). Young Bulls from Hrdos del Excmo Mr Conde de la Maza. Featuring Manuel Dias Gomes, Tomás Angulo, David Miranda.
Saturday, September 27 (San Miguel 18:30). Bulls from  Hnos García Jiménez – Dña Olga Jimenez. Featuring Joselito Adame, Juan del Álamo, David Galván.
Sunday, September 28  (San Miguel 18:30). Bulls from Juan Pedro Domecq – Parladé – D. Daniel Ruiz. Featuring El Cid, Sebastián Castella, Manuel Escribano.

2014 Bullfighting Season. Program of bullfights at La Maestranza Bullring

The bullfighting season begins in Easter Sunday and terminates in October with around twenty fights in total. Many celebrated matadors appear during the weeklong Feria at the end of April. Other important bullfights take place the last weekend in September and on October 12. Fights usually take place on Sunday evenings. For more information, see our bullfighting section and our Check bullfight Schedule.

Easter Sunday (Domingo de Resurrección): April 20, 2014. This is the Sunday of Holy Week and marks the beginning of the bullfighting season in Seville. Booking

April Fair (Feria de Abril): The annual Feria de Abril in Seville is one of the most well known bullfighting festivals in the world. This year it will be held in the month of May 5 to 11. During the Feria de Abril, the season's most prestigious fights are held. Every afternoon, crowds pack the La Maestranza bullring. Because of the high demand for tickets, we recommend that you book your tickets as early as possible. Booking

May 18th and 25th. Bullfights with young bulls season. 30th May Corpus Christi. Bullfights with young bulls.

June: All sundays of june. (**dates to be confirmed).

July: Cycle of Young Bulls (Novilladas Ciclo de Promoción). Bullfights with young bulls and trainees. Organized by the Andalucía Association of Schools of Bullfighting constitutiing twenty-three schools. Young bullfighters ​​are selected to participate in this event. Every year generates much expectation. Thursdays at 22:00.

August: Bullfighting in Seville stops for the summer because of extreme heat. If you are interesting in seeing bullfighting during this time, check out in Málaga or El Puerto Bullring

September: Young Bullfighters (Novilladas), Sundays .(**dates to be confirmed)

San Miguel bullfights:  September 26, 27 and 28. Features the best bullfighters. Tickets sell out quickly so don't miss out!. Booking now

October 12: Feats of the Virgen del Pilar. The bullfighting season at La Maestranza ends with this festival.

2014 Schedule of Events: Calendar of Bullfights, La Maestranza Sevilla


 * Translation by Robert Frederick Tatlow

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